Nouveau logo


New concept and new logo go hand in hand: in 2020, baby&taylor becomes b&t to enhance a 100% sustainable concept together with a family collection range. The new logo combines style and freshness. It is contemporary and at the same time endearing, with refined French imprint.

The logo echoes the brand's eco-responsibility commitment with a 100% regenerated cashmere collection, ethical and circular production entirely made in Italy.

b&t is no longer just for babies and children, but also for their mothers and pets whose status in modern society makes them like family members.

 b&t étiquette intérieure 




*But, they're in regenerated cashmere and ethically knitted in Italy.


Sustainability is paramount to our concept for a while but it isn’t easy to combine quality with low environment impact: we believed doing right by using virgin cashmere till not long ago…

Ethical and transparent, our regenerated cashmere process takes place in Tuscany, Italy.A soft yarn, warm, natural, biodegradable and durable (in a word: cashmere!) but with a far lower environmental impact. Only the recycling process enables to gather all these qualities thanks to the Italian ‘savoir-faire’ built over generations, and innovation.


Our dyeing process isn’t vegetal but with compliance of the European norm REACH. To know more

Undyed, our heather grey color is the natural color obtained after recycling only grey color cashmere sweaters. Our regenerated cashmere collection is garment-dyed which flips the process around: clothes are knitted first then washed in color. That creates subtle variation in color. Even in a batch of clothes that were garment-dyed together, no style is exactly alike. It gives pieces an authentic, heritage look. 


Cachemire de couleur grise à recycler

One quality

Using only one yarn quality limits the use of unnecessary development and prototypes. 70% of the samples we develop are then manufactured. No waste since we have and we aim to maintain permanent “Essentials” from year to year.


Made in Italy allows a full traceability and transparency at every stage of the process: Collecting, sorting, crushing, spinning, knitting, washing and dyeing. A real circular economy of proximity with all stages operated within a 20km radius.

Fabriqué en Italie


Innovation results from the combination of the knowhow and the new technologies.

Sorting, stripping, unravelling the cashmere, treating it without damaging the wool by soaking and straightening it before passing it on (to strengthen it with virgin wool if necessary): this recycling and treatment allow us to reduce our ecological footprint. Our production is GRS certified. To know more

Certifié par la GRS

Our knitwear is recyclable: “La boucle est bouclée” (the loop is complete)


Our definition of ethical is rather simple: No middleman and proximity to see by ourselves where and how our knitwear is manufactured. Nothing better than going on site to check the working environment, between safety conditions, minimum wages and the health regulations especially nowadays with the covid-19: manufacturing in the E.U implies ‘de facto’ strict regulations. We do have a code of conduct with our Italian partner but it’s worth what it’s worth. Collaboration cannot last long without trust and exchange for place human and environment at the core of our common project.




Sustainability is paramount to our concept from day 1, but it isn’t easy to combine quality with low environment impact: we believed doing right by using virgin cashmere till not long ago…

A soft yarn, warm, natural, biodegradable and durable (in a word: cashmere!) but with a far lower environmental impact. Only the recycling process enables to gather all these qualities thanks to the Italian ‘savoir-faire’ built over generations, and innovation.

Because our first priority is quality: High-end, no pilling over time but getting softer and softer.

Cachemire régénéré


Recycling cashmere involves by its large majority the collect of sweaters but leftover cashmere yarn in Italian factories too. All our yarns have been spun through the recycling process that takes place from the collection and selection of old garments, which are frayed, transformed again into raw material, spun and then knitted into new durable and quality garments.

One quality only 

100% regenerated cashmere made from post-consumer goods mainly (cashmere clothes) and a bit of pre-consumer cashmere yarns (factory leftovers). But this unique Italian recycling process cannot always guarantee an exact 100% cashmere composition following laboratory testing. To comply with American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM-D629) & International standard (ISO 17751), we prefer the composition 97% cashmere / 3% wool.


Measurements of cashmere and fiber blends rely on the Optical Microscope method:

coarse wool is much larger and rougher looking than the other fibers. The fine wool is much thinner and its scales aren't as large, but comparing to cashmere, it is very obvious how it has a lot more scales. These scales have a lot to do with why wool and low quality cashmere feels itchy. When the fiber runs against skin, these scales can 'catch' on the skin causing irritation. 

Vue au microscope des fils de cachemire


The internal structure of the fiber helps to differentiate the cashmere from any lower value substitute fibers introduced at some point along the processing chain.

Exporting our knitwear to countries like USA and Japan and complying with Department stores test reports, we have decided to label our composition 97% cashmere / 3% wool to avoid any possible troubles.

Quality and sustainability combined in one durable yarn.




Personnalize your knitwear hand-embroidered in Paris.

Choose your base color within our 4 authentic and classic heathered colors.   

Select your thread among 12 color options for a girly, boyish, classy or flashy glimpse
Our merino wool yarn is spun in Germany. Natural and biodegradable, it also guarantees resistance to wear and washing without shrinking, and flexibility for a harmony with cashmere. 

Only hand-embroidery allows the stitch to remain fine and light (unlike machine stitch). A perfect finish on the right side as well as on the back side. Customization is done in Paris, most often in our workshop and sometimes by other qualified hands when high demand. This personalized embroidery is the last operation on your item before ironing. Write the word(s) of your choice up to the limit of letters, and if it is to be embroidered front or back side. Your unique knitwear will be shipped out in approximately a week. 




b&t commits to eradicate single use, non-degradable plastic. We didn’t just stop there: our sustainable packaging commitment covers everything from the hangtag to the bag you receive your order in.

Addressing our plastic problem

Plastic is everywhere and is an extremely useful material in its life cycle but its end of life is a bit of a problem. There are few millions tons of plastic going to our oceans every year. We use now a technology developed by Aquapak that may become a solution to the plastic crisis: it is not only biodegradable, water-soluble but breaks down harmlessly to non-toxic biomass in soil and sea.

In an ideal world this packaging would not be necessary, but it is. It’s necessary to keep products protected on their journey from factory, to warehouse, all the way to your home and our retailers. We decided that if we had to use a plastic bag, we wanted to find the best possible solution that would cause as little environmental impact as possible.

Ne laissez aucune trace de sac - plus de plastique

How it works

Made from a specially formulated polymer resin using Polyvinylalcohol (PVOH). PVOH is still a polymer, but the major differentiator from traditional plastics is that the material is hydrophilic (i.e. it loves water). This means it breaks down quickly in the marine environment without attracting other toxins or forming microplastics, as traditional polymers would.

As the material degrades, smaller oxidized polymer chains are formed that eventually break down to carbon dioxide and water. The material does not form toxic microplastics or yield any harmful products at any stage of the breakdown and biodegradation process. The ink used is also non-toxic and food-safe, so there are no nasty chemicals produced as the bag breaks down. To know more


If you’re wondering how to safely dispose of your bag, all you’ll need is a kettle and your sink. The material breaks down quickly and harmlessly in water temperatures above 70ºC. Should your bag end up in landfill, it will biodegrade naturally.

Our new bags will be used for our new collection from September 2020.


Our hang-tags are in FSC recycled paper with string in organic cotton ; our woven labels are in recycled polyester.

étiquettes en papier recyclé fsc



Our mailbags are made entirely from unbleached kraft pulp, 65% of which is recycled kraft. They are both recyclable and compostable. The thick mattress of crushed paper surrounded by two layers of 90 g/m² kraft ensures maximum protection against shocks and tears.

sacs en papier fsc




Give a second life to your old sweaters.

Do you have any cashmere clothes that you no longer use?
Maybe they are felted, unstitched, mothed or broken.
No problem, as long as the composition label is intact and readable, you can send them.

recyclez vos vieux pulls

For the recycling of cashmere fibers, we collaborate with our Italian partner, a company that has been involved in giving new life to cashmere fibers for years. We send by truck the cashmere clothes by batch of 100kg. There, the recycling process takes place for being frayed, transformed again into raw material, spun and then knitted into new durable and quality cashmere clothes.Read more



Due to Covid-19, we have launched limited essential styles.

Round-neck sweaters, hoodie sweaters and beanies available for baby, kid, junior, women and dogs. Classic fit, to be worn loose or close to the body.

4 colors that will never go out of trend thanks to their unique heather garment-dye process.

Every month we offer an embroidered design and/or text that can be personalized by choosing the thread color.


PRICE RANGE (plain knitwear)

Baby sweater: 95€/120€

Kid sweater: 115€/170€

Women's sweater: 225€/250€

Dogs' sweater: 115€/140€

Beanie: 50€/90€

Add 15 to 25€ for hand-embroidery (count 3-5 days to get it done)


A family affair

Baby Taylor was a label established in 1978 out of a shop located in Paris VIII to clad young children in fashion contemporary.

In 2012, Valerie picks up the story where her mother-in-law left it off. Back to the original values: timeless sophistication with the utmost quality, focusing on knitwear and natural yarns exclusively. Cashmere deservedly met the taste of those who truly valued moderation in luxury. The brand evolves to baby&taylor

équipe b&t

The idea of the hand-embroidered personalization was born an evening by the fireplace in the countryside repairing a kid sweater… Customization became the brand signature!

That same year 2018, Valerie understood virgin cashmere wasn’t that responsible as well as willing to work locally. After searching in France obviously, the brand finally found out its answer in Italy with its ancestral knitwear know-how, for combining quality, softness and sustainability: regenerated cashmere


Sustainably yours.