b&t commits to eradicate single use, non-degradable plastic. We didn’t just stop there: our sustainable packaging commitment covers everything from the hangtag to the bag you receive your order in.


Addressing our plastic problem

Plastic is everywhere and is an extremely useful material in its life cycle but its end of life is a bit of a problem. There are few millions tons of plastic going to our oceans every year. We use now a technology developed by Aquapak that may become a solution to the plastic crisis: it is not only biodegradable, water-soluble but breaks down harmlessly to non-toxic biomass in soil and sea.

In an ideal world this packaging would not be necessary, but it is. It’s necessary to keep products protected on their journey from factory, to warehouse, all the way to your home and our retailers. We decided that if we had to use a plastic bag, we wanted to find the best possible solution that would cause as little environmental impact as possible.

Leave no trace bag - no more plastic

How it works

Made from a specially formulated polymer resin using Polyvinylalcohol (PVOH). PVOH is still a polymer, but the major differentiator from traditional plastics is that the material is hydrophilic (i.e. it loves water). This means it breaks down quickly in the marine environment without attracting other toxins or forming microplastics, as traditional polymers would.

As the material degrades, smaller oxidized polymer chains are formed that eventually break down to carbon dioxide and water. The material does not form toxic microplastics or yield any harmful products at any stage of the breakdown and biodegradation process. The ink used is also non-toxic and food-safe, so there are no nasty chemicals produced as the bag breaks down. To know more


If you’re wondering how to safely dispose of your bag, all you’ll need is a kettle and your sink. The material breaks down quickly and harmlessly in water temperatures above 70ºC. Should your bag end up in landfill, it will biodegrade naturally.

Our new bags will be used for our new collection from September 2020.


Our hang-tags are in FSC recycled paper with string in organic cotton ; our woven labels are in recycled polyester.

recycled fsc paper hangtags


Our mailbags are made entirely from unbleached kraft pulp, 65% of which is recycled kraft. They are both recyclable and compostable. The thick mattress of crushed paper surrounded by two layers of 90 g/m² kraft ensures maximum protection against shocks and tears.

mailbags in kraft paper