Unveiling its new sustainable knitwear concept for children, moms and more, the brand is rolling out a new logo: b&t


A family affair

Baby Taylor was a label established in 1978 out of a shop located in Paris VIII to clad young children in fashion contemporary.

In 2012, Valerie picks up the story where her mother-in-law left it off. Back to the original values: timeless sophistication with the utmost quality, focusing on knitwear and natural yarns exclusively. Cashmere deservedly met the taste of those who truly valued moderation in luxury. The brand evolves to baby&taylor

b&t team

The idea of the hand-embroidered personalization was born an evening by the fireplace in the countryside repairing a kid sweater… Customization became the brand signature!

That same year 2018, Valerie understood virgin cashmere wasn’t that responsible as well as willing to work locally. After searching in France obviously, the brand finally found out its answer in Italy with its ancestral knitwear know-how, for combining quality, softness and sustainability: regenerated cashmere


Sustainably yours.