Collaboration x Emily Kornya

@emilykornya is more than an inspiring and talented photographer.

Born in Canada and now residing in Europe, Emily is working with designers in children's fashion from Berlin to New York. She is known for her natural and playful style of her shoots. Working with children is an absolute joy and advocating for children’s mental health is a passion of her. She actively supports kids mental health non-profit organization @yourmomcares


Emily Kornya wearing heather green personalized beanie

We are pleased to be part of her new project launched December 1st 2020, State of Kind, inspired by her passions, her life story and her intrinsic sense of purpose.

“When brainstorming names for my online store, the question arose, what will be the values upheld by this store? At the core, I want to promote and develop a community (“state”) with a “state of mind” of positivity and “kind”ness. To honour my place of residence, the fashion sector in which I work and the age group in which I want to focus on promoting mental wellness, the German word “kind” was appropriate, as it means “child”.

It all starts with the hand-embroidery in Paris


State of Kind is not your ordinary online shop, along with offering high quality children’s positive fashion clothing, it offers a platform & community to inspire kindness and raise awareness for children’s mental wellness. All brands represented by State of Kind are brands of integrity who produce high quality clothing. Each item represents messages of kindness and mental wellbeing. Photography used on the site highlights children being their authentic selves, in moments of joy. With each item sold, a percentage of the sale will be donated to a mental health charity. I hope that children wearing these positive fashion items will ignite conversations around mental wellness in children and contribute to breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health.”


Beanie shooting collaboration b&t x Emily Kornya for donation

More about her story

“Currently, I am involved with the non-profit, "YourMomCares", which funds and supports children's mental health initiatives. Your Mom Cares is co-founded by Sharon Feldstein (Mom of actors Jonah Hill & Beanie Feldstein), Patsy Noah (Mom of Maroon 5's Adam Levine) and Terria Joseph (Mom of Alicia Keys). Working with YMC is personal for me as, at the age of 14, I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In my case, I was fortunate to have very supportive parents who were dedicated to my recovery and wellness. Under the guidance of a therapist, I worked hard to learn and implement tools like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to manage my anxiety and OCD. These tools have empowered me to be able to lead a successful, productive international lifestyle. Not every child is so lucky. Inadequate access to mental health care and the stigma attached to mental health is a devastating barrier to achieving mental wellness for many children. I hope that the beautiful items, hand selected from the heart by me, for State of Kind, can have the impact of extinguishing the stigma, promoting kindness and supporting mental wellness in all children!” 

Shooting stage with twin sisters wearing b&t personalized sweaters

Discover b&t exclusive embroidery ‘State of Kind’ and other brands exclusive items on Emily’s E-pop-up store

For each product sold, 15% will be donated to @yourmomcares


Heather blue beanie assorted with the sweater